We want YOU to be a Sticker Titty Girl!

Have you ever had some random guy who you don't know stare at you so hard that his girlfriend slapped him in the back of the head? Have you made some poor priest flog himself with a whip because of his sinful thought about you? Have you made girls turn lesbian just from the look you give them?

That means you're a Sticker Titty Girl, and you didn't even know it!

The Foul Mouth Shirts' Sticker Titty Girls are a group of smoking hot, naughty girls who know they're gorgeous enough to earn a spot on, and possibly win $1000!

It's not just about being hot. It's about being one of the few people in the world who truly don't give a fuck what other people think about them. It's about having the attitude necessary to get by in a world where people try to push you into a mold to make you look and act just like them. It's about being yourself, and fuck everyone who doesn't like it!

We'd love to see what you have to show us, you sexy little thing! Applying for the elite ranks of the Sticker Titty Girls isn't the hardest thing you'll ever do, but it could be the coolest fucking thing you'll ever do.

You need to have the look, the style, and the attitude that screams out to the world, "I don't GIVE A FUCK! I'm going to say whatever the fuck I want, whenever the fuck I want!" If you have that kind of grit in your britches, then you might be just the type of dirty, little girl we're looking for.

The application process is easy as fuck:

1) Send us an e-mail requesting some of our "Fuck You" stickers that includes your address, and we'll send you out a letter chock-full of stickers.

2) Open your fucking mailbox and get your stickers.

3) Put those awesome "Fuck You" stickers over your breasts and take some good, high-quality pictures.

4) Take at least 8 good quality, large-sized pictures in some inventive poses and settings.

5) Send those pictures in to us at in an e-mail.

See? How hard is that shit? Pretty fuckin' easy, if you ask long as you're not a lazy-ass procrastinator who never follows through on a damn thing. None of you fuckers are like that, are you? I didn't think you were.

Everyone who sends in pictures will receive a free t-shirt from
If you follow the rules and send in 8 high-quality pictures and are selected to be a Sticker Titty Girl, you will receive $100 worth of merchandise from

Once a year, all of the Official Sticker Titty Girls will be judged and a "Sticker Titty Girl of the Year" will be chosen, and that lucky lady will get $1000 in cold, hard cash!

So what the fuck are you waiting for? Apply now, damnit!


1) You MUST be 18 years old, or older.

2) NO MAN TITTIES! You must be FEMALE to be eligible to become a Sticker Titty Girl. Please God, no more man-titties. That means you too, sick fuck.

3) For Free stickers for your pix, send us a message on our Myspace page, or email us at and include your address and name so we can get your stickers sent out post-fucking-haste.

4) Make sure your face is in the picture. If you don't have your face visible, than you can't be a Sticker Titty Girl. Plain and simple. We don't want photoshopped bullshit.

5) Your submission becomes the property of Foul Mouth Shirts, Inc. to be used as we see fit in our infinite fucking wisdom.

6) Submit your pictures to the email address . Make certain you include your free shirt selection, your shirt color, your shirt size, your name, and your address in the email because all entries get a FREE fucking shirt from

7) Make sure you send us all your profile information we will need for your Sticker Titty Girl Profile. Look at some of the Sticker Titty Girl profiles to see what information we will need

8) The more high quality large size pics you send, the better your chances of becoming one of our world famous sticker titty girls. Send as many pics as you want, but you must send a minimum of 8 (EIGHT) high quality large size px to become one of our Sticker Titty Girls.

9) Take your time with your pictures. Doll yourself up. Spend some time on your appearance, and use make-up. Decide on what poses you want to do before you take your pictures, and spend time making sure the quality is fucking excellent.

10) Be CREATIVE! We see titties all day in all kinds of sexy poses. Try doing something no one else has done before. Dress up in costume, or take your Sticker Titty picture with a police officer or a fireman! Go somewhere public, like the park or the beach! Be outrageous and brave, woman! You'll be rewarded for your effort and genius, we assure you.

11) Larger file sizes are best. Don't send us tiny, little-bitty Sticker-Titty pictures. Send us the biggest pictures you can with your entry email to

12) Don't forget to SMILE! It's hard to pull off the neutral-faced sexy pose, and typically...only professional models can really do it without looking pissed-off. We don't want shit-loads of pictures with pissed-off looking bitches who look like they want to castrate us. We want sexy, happy SMILE.

13) Nipples have to be completely covered! We're not trying to get porn here....just tasteful pictures of sticker-clad boobs.

That's it. Those are the helpful rules I've submitted to you sexy fucks to help you win this little thing we call The Sticker Titty Contest! Show us what you have, ladies! Literally! Use everything at your disposal: props, friends, landscaping, the pool boy, boobs...and ESPECIALLY your brains! -Cannon

What the fuck are you waiting for? MESSAGE US!!